Meet: Matt Dean, BackEnd Engineer

👋 Hi, I’m Matt. Watch my diary room to hear a little more about me and read what a day in the life working at Shares looks like! 👇

💼 My job and where I'm based

I’m currently leading team Tango, one of our backend engineering teams. I’m based in London but mostly working remotely!

😊 What I enjoy about the role

Tango team focuses on developer experience and system scalability - for me it’s been super interesting to move a bit more behind the scenes. We’re not implementing user-facing features on a daily basis, but instead looking more at how to empower our dev teams to keep delivering at breakneck speed even as the team and the company grow.

A decent split between people and technical work helps keep things fresh, so I can switch between topics while keeping my hands dirty in the code

The best thing is the incredibly talented and motivated team we’ve built from across Europe - I’m learning new things from them every day.

🗓 What I'm currently working on

Right now we’re focusing on a couple of major topics:

  1. Avoiding as many bugs as possible by adding more checks to our code before it goes live

  2. Making it faster and easier for developers to ship code, for example by decreasing the time it takes to run those checks

💪 Strengths needed for my role

Engineering leadership is a challenge because you need both the technical knowledge to go in the right direction, and the people skills to help the team get there.

Being remote adds an extra challenge to working alongside the team to make sure they can deliver their best work, but staying hands-on with the codebase helps me stay grounded and retain the technical knowledge needed to make the right decisions.

🕺 What I like to do after work and at the weekends

My answer to that classic question “what are your hobbies” is usually “the pub” 😉

Nowadays though I try to fit in some more sport, whether that’s cycling, squash, or the odd 5-a-side game (shoutout Shares FC!)

On those (common, promise) weekends where there’s not a party, I normally try to get out to the countryside for some fresh air and a hike - it’s always good to touch grass once in a while.

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