Dividend stocks on the Shares app

How to track your dividend payments on the Shares app

We have some exciting news for you! We've just added three new dividend features to the Shares app that will make managing your investment portfolio even easier.  

These new features will help you stay on top of your dividends, ensure you never miss a payout, and filter your investments according to your preferences. So, what are these features and what do they have to offer?

  • 🗓 Dividend calendar

  • 🧺 Dividend collection

  • 🔎 Dividend filter (stock screener)

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, if you're wondering what a dividend is then make sure to read our article on What is a dividend? A guide for beginners.

💡 If you own a dividend stock it will pay you a portion of its profits or earnings, based on how many shares you own. Investors looking to generate passive income often favour these stocks.
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1. See your future earnings with our dividend calendar

Dividend calendar on the Shares app

Most stocks that pay dividends do so on a quarterly basis, meaning every 3 months you'll be paid. But wouldn't it be great if you knew the exact date of this payment? Say no more.

With the dividend calendar, you can keep track of all upcoming dividend payouts in one place. This feature will display all the dividend payout dates for the stocks in your portfolio, making it easy to plan your finances and see your future earnings.

Of course, this might not matter so much for those of you wanting to simply reinvest your earnings to help gain compound interest. But don't worry, we make reinvesting your earnings just as simple as cashing them out. Simply head over to your available balance, and they’ll be waiting for you. Reinvest them or cash them out - the choice is yours!

A dividend payment from Dropbox on the Shares app
💡 You can find your own personal dividend calendar on your invest tab, which shows the stocks you own. Want to see info on stocks you don’t own? No problem, simply visit the stock’s page.
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2. Explore all dividend stocks in one place with our dividend collection

The dividend colleciton via the Shares app

On the Shares app, we categorise stocks into collections, making it easier for you to find the companies that interest you most. Whilst we have healthcare, technology, female CEOs and many more, we've been lacking in the dividends department.

Well, not any more.

Our dividend collection contains companies that have been increasing their dividend payments each year, for the last 25 years or more

You’ll be able to sort stocks in the dividend collection by their market cap, performance, and of course, their dividend yield. Don't say we don't treat you!

💡 You can find the dividend collection under the explore tab inside the Shares app
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3. Filter stocks by dividend yield

Dividend yield on the Shares app

When looking for investments, you may want to search for companies with a specific dividend yield. One that's too high might be an unsustainable business, and one that's too low might not interest you enough.

That's why we've created a dividend filter in our stock screener tool. This means you can easily filter stocks by dividend yield.

So, how does this differ from the dividend collection? Well, if you want to search for all companies that pay dividends, regardless of how long they’ve kept up payments, or how high their yield is, then the dividend filter is a perfect tool for you. 

Simply tap in your numbers, and we'll handle the rest!

💡 You can find the stock screener under the explore tab inside the Shares app
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And there you have it! Why not head over to the Shares app and try them out for yourself.

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

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