👋 Hi, I’m Luna. Watch my diary room to hear a little more about me and read what a day in the life working at Shares looks like! 👇

A day in the life

💼 My job and where I'm based

I am a User Researcher focusing on Growth and I’m based in London. 🇬🇧

😊 What I enjoy about the role

My role lets me be the voice of the user. Most of the day I talk to users/ potential users, observe their behaviour and investigate their issues. All that allows me to help my team make Shares a better product.

I love that I can see my impact on the product directly which makes me both, more involved and more responsible in taking ownership of what I do!

🗓 What I'm currently working on

I am currently working on understanding our user pain points and struggles while going through onboarding and investing experience. Helping the team gain trust from the first moments on the app is one of the key wins for any product these days.

Also, I’m secretly creating a plan on how to get on all Gossip Girl characters’ Instagram stories after my first major life goal was complete when Ed Westwick shared my diary room *thanks Shares!!!*

💪 Strengths for being a User Researcher

Agility and adaptability to start with. 

In my professional years I have worked in many roles starting from investment banking in global institutions to five people startups working on building AI. Each of them taught me different skills and I feel like I’ve left an impact in each role.

I am also very challenge driven, I don’t like to sit still which makes my dreams bigger than life!

Last but not least – I'm sociable. I thrive talking to people, being surrounded by diverse characters and constantly interacting with many stakeholders within the team, as well as our users!. 

It really makes me feel alive and proves that I'm in the right role now.

🕺What I like to do after work and at the weekends 

I am a fitness addict. 🥊🏃‍♀️

I box at least 3 times a week, run on the days that I do not box and also do trapeze classes for some adrenaline kick. I also travel every 2/3 weeks to festivals, concerts or just to try something new and exciting cuisines. It’s been one hell of a summer! 

🐶 Meet Elay!

Elay, Luna's dog

I have an ultimate life chaperone, my Maltese dog Elay Bo. If I am talking about myself I cannot exclude him. He is the cutest and most joyful nomad you’d ever meet. Also, unlike some people who’d get a dog only when they completely settle down, I got my little friend to travel with me wherever I go. Over the course of one year during covid, this jet-setter has taken 15 flights with me and already lived in Tel Aviv, Madrid and Vilnius and its not going to stop! 

Elay, jet-setting

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