Meet: Jordan Morrice, Senior Product Manager

👋 Hi, I’m Jordan Morrice. Watch my diary room to hear a little more about me and read what a day in the life working at Shares looks like! 👇

💼 My job and where I'm based

I’m a Senior Product Manager, based in the London office for Shares. I’m part of the Growth team so I’m focused on how to attract new customers, seamlessly onboarding them into our App. Then I ensure customers see the value of joining Shares so they keep coming back for all of their social investing needs.  

😊 What I enjoy about the role

We are constantly searching for how we can provide customers with the best experience and value during their first impressions of Shares. It’s challenging but also exciting. We have a super strong team who are always driving each other to deliver new enhancements that will improve our customers lives and positively impact the community we’re growing with Shares.  

🗓 What I'm currently working on

We’re currently focused on supporting our expansion plans into new countries through Europe and beyond. We’re also continuously iterating and improving our existing UK experience, with my focus being the way that our customers sign up to Shares.

💪 Strengths needed for my role

Empathy, creativity and communication. 

Product Managers must always be putting the customers first. We are the voice of our customers in every conversation within our teams. To be able to put ourselves in their shoes, we need to be empathetic with the variety of ways that customers may want to use our products and also the different challenges or scenarios they may face in their life. We need to be empathetic that customer’s needs will be different and we need to be creative to find solutions that will best serve all of our customers. 

🕺 What I like to do after work and at the weekends

Outside of work, I like to spend time exploring new restaurants, bars and different areas of London with my partner and friends. 

I try to play golf at least once on the weekends and in the summer we’ll hit the tennis court before work. The social calendar is always rather busy so we will be catching up with friends in some way. Growing up in New Zealand, I value time outdoors in the sun and in the ocean. So when we can get away on holiday we’ll explore a new part of the world that ticks both of those boxes, with some delicious food to offer as well! 

🤷‍♀️ Anything else you’d like to include about yourself (pets, family, friends) – write as much or as little as you’d like

Download Shares, go through our Onboarding journey and purchase your first stock and then let me know what you think! 

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