Meet: James Ashoo, Content Writer

👋 Hey there, I’m James. Watch my diary room to hear a little more about me and read what a day in the life working at Shares looks like! 👇

💼 My job and where I'm based

I’m a Content Writer based in MediaCity, Salford. 

I love being in MediaCity, it’s a perfect place for any young professional, as there’s plenty of hustle and bustle without feeling like you’ll be run over by a tram every minute!

Of course, having Manchester 15 mins away is a dream for the days I’m brave enough to weave between the trams. 

😊 What I enjoy about the role

There are two things I enjoy most. 

First off, I’m pretty obsessed about learning new things, and writing on a variety of topics means I’m constantly learning. 

The other thing I love, is teaching! I love the fact my work can reach anyone in the world, and if it helps educate just one person, then I deem it a success. I’m very passionate about spreading the benefits investing can have!

🗓 What I'm currently working on

Scoop! The very site you're on now.

💪 Strengths needed for my role

Researching, empathy and, er, writing of course! 


It’s no good writing if you have no idea what you’re on about! No one knows everything, and often I’ll ensure I fully understand a topic before writing about it. Blogs, reports, podcasts, YouTube, heck even TikTok – I'll consume all kinds of content to better my learning.


Perhaps not most writer’s first choice of skill, but I find with a topic as complicated as investing being empathetic is a must. I’m constantly trying to imagine what a reader wants and how they feel. 


I mean, goes without saying doesn't it!?

🕺 What I like to do after work and at the weekends

Playing tennis and keeping fit! 🎾🏋️‍♀️

I’ll get twitchy (and aggy!) if I don’t hit the gym or smack a few yellow fuzzy balls about throughout the week.

James Ashoo tennis

🤔 Foot fault?

After a good session I love to chill out in the sauna and steam room, too. It’s so relaxing, especially after a day’s work!

🐶 Family, friends and pets

Although I’m living in MediaCity, I take regular trips back to Lincoln where my family is. I’m currently pestering them to get a dog, but I’ve been at this for 5 years now, and it just isn’t working. 🤨

I also visit North Wales regularly where my girlfriend is! She’ll often send me back to Manchester when she’s had enough of me talking about crypto. Whoops, sorry Emma.

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