Meet: Jack Watkins, Senior Copywriter

👋 Hi, I’m Jack. Watch my diary room to hear a little more about me and read what a day in the life working at Shares looks like! 👇

A day in the life

💼 My job and where I'm based

I’m a Senior Copywriter based in London. I recently moved to Walthamstow, so it’s a straight shot down the Victoria Line to our Oxford Circus office, which is handy.

😊 What I enjoy about the role

I really enjoy the breadth of projects I get to work on and the breadth of teams I get to work with. 

Whether it’s coming up with a new concept for some static ads, writing emails to help people start investing, or selling some cool new product features, the scope of the role is really varied. It makes me feel like I’m a pretty integral cog in the business, and often gives me an early peek at new things we’re releasing on the product side. 👀

🗓 What I'm currently working on

Currently I’m writing about Elon Musk’s chaotic Twitter acquisition attempt. The whole thing is just completely nuts! Then I’ve also been coming up with some dodgy puns for some beer mats and bike seat covers we’re creating for a bit of guerrilla marketing in London.

💪 Strengths needed for copywriting

Write words good.

🕺 What I like to do after work and at the weekends

I’m a big football fan, so I try to watch as many Liverpool games on TV as possible. Apart from that, I like going to the gym, going to the pub and dining out at all of London’s great restaurants. I fancy myself as a pretty good cook, so you’ll often find me in the kitchen whipping up some culinary magic.

🐶 Pets, family and... Sam Smith?

I don’t have any pets (yet). My girlfriend is obsessed with getting a dog and has gradually worn me down. She didn’t make me realise I actually do want a dog – I just got a bit bored with having the conversation. Love you Ruth!

An interesting fact about myself is that I used to live next door to the singer Sam Smith. They once poured a glass of water on my head for no reason. Unsurprisingly, we didn’t particularly get on. 

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