Added social features on Shares

Did someone say more social features?

We've been working hard to improve the Shares app's social appearance and feel over the past few months, which we're excited to reveal!👇

A home for your notifications

Anyone building a social product knows how important notifications are, so we’re being bold and giving notifications a tab of their own. We’re calling this your Notification Centre (original, right?).

Your Notification Centre will house all your social notifications, like when a friend comments on your activity post, you receive a friend request, or you get added to a shared watchlist. This new tab will give you a single place to view and engage with all your social notifications.

In the future we’ll also give you the ability to manage these notifications so you can adjust how often you receive them. Giving you controls to shape the experience you want is a top priority for us.

Notifications on Shares

View your mates’ loss and gain % with Activity Signals

When you post a trade to your Public or Friends Activity Feed, we call this an “Activity Signal”. It shows your friends what you’re buying and selling, and at what price.

When you sell your entire position in a stock, we'll show how much money you've made or lost as a percentage, as well as the number of days you held that stock for. We think this will help your friends better understand your reason for selling, and it naturally grabs their attention too.

Activity signals on Shares app

New and improved social push notifications

Another problem we’re trying to solve is how best to give you visibility of how your friends are using Shares, and calling out moments we think deserve your attention. To do this we’ve created 3 new social push notifications we know you’ll love.

We’ll now notify you when:

  1. Your friend makes their first trade and shares it publicly. We think this is a moment worth celebrating!

  2. Someone from your contact list signs up to Shares. We think you’ll want to add these people as friends, but we don’t want to assume. Tapping on this notification will take you to their profile so you can decide!

  3. Someone accepts your friend request. This is an obvious one we were missing.

Social push notifications on Shares

Mutual Friends

You asked and we delivered. In the next few days we’ll show mutual friends on your profile. We found that showing mutual friends could help improve the discoverability of the types of people you want to be friends with, so this was a no-brainer to add.

Mutual friends on Shares

An improved Activity Feed

  • You’ll no longer see the free stock you picked during onboarding in your feed. It didn’t feel right to publish these orders, and we felt that they were making Activity a little noisy.

  • Lastly, we’ve introduced “Scheduled Orders”. Orders placed out of market hours will now appear in your Activity Feed. When the market opens and the order is executed, we’ll remove the “scheduled” label.

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