Ed Westwick and Shares app collaboration

Ed Westwick × Shares: Debunking the myths of investing

At Shares, we’re on a mission to bring people together to make finance accessible and collaborative. So for our first brand campaign, we wanted to debunk some common myths that keep people away from investing.

‘Investing is just for rich people’, ‘investing is a solo game’, ‘investing is boring’...well, not anymore. 

To help us debunk these myths, we teamed up with Ed Westwick to create three films that show just how social the world of investing can be. 

For those who haven't caught the videos yet, catch them here:

Myth no.8: investing is a lone wolf play

Investing has traditionally been a lonely craft. But not anymore. With Shares, investing is more fun with your friends. 

Myth no.14: investing is boring

There's a common belief that investing is boring. And perhaps once, it was. I certainly wouldn't have fancied trekking down to the stock exchange and trying to deal with stockbrokers just to buy a few shares.

But the world has changed. Now, you can buy Netflix stock on the sofa watching Stranger Things.

Myth no.19: investing is for fortune tellers

No one can predict the future. Yep, not even Missy.

But with Shares, you can see what stocks your friends are investing in and their profit/ loss % on a trade, should they wish to share it.

We're not promising you'll become a millionaire overnight, but we are promising you a vibrant community full of aspirational investors to support you on your investing journey.

Ed Westwick's partnership with Shares

Time for the juicy details then, what are Ed Westwick and Shares up to?

Well, the answer is simple. Helping us to spread the word about social investing.

After a conversation with our CEO, Benjamin Chelma, Westwick joined Shares as a business partner, starring as the face of our latest campaign.

Ben Chemla, CEO & Co-Founder of Shares
Pink ornament
We’re pumped to welcome Ed to the Shares family as he embarks on his own investing journey. As well as coming on board as part of the Shares family, Ed’s participation in our first campaign will demonstrate to a new generation of investors that the investment world is open for all.
Benjamin Chemla

Of course, Mr. Westwick himself is already loving being part of the Shares family.

Ed Westwick filming for Shares
Pink ornament
There are a number of investing platforms out there at the moment, but none speak to the growing Gen Z investing community as well as Shares does. I love the idea of being able to trade and communicate with like-minded people at the same time, and it’s incredibly exciting to be involved with such a fast-growing company.
Ed Westwick

Behind the scenes: Ed Westwick × Shares

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t aware of the avid fan base Ed Westwick has. 

And so we think it’s only fair we share some of the fun that was had behind the scenes during our filming. 

Ed Westwick preparing for filming with Shares

Oh, hey there Ed

Shares app filming with dogs

Ed wasn’t the only star on set that day

The set for Ed Westwick and Shares filming

Testing, testing

Ed Westwick filming with Shares

Lights, camera, action

Ed Westwick and Shares filming

Think we made you jump here Ed, sorry! 🤭

So, which video was your favourite? Head over to the Shares app and let us know!

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

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