Black cab in London

Uber 🤝 London’s black cabs

This week, Uber teams up with black cab drivers, Amazon becomes the US’ no.1 delivery business, and iRobot undergoes a big acquisition. 

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Uber climbs 4% as it strikes a deal with black cabs 🚖

Once rivals, now partners: After decades of battling for road supremacy, Uber and London’s iconic black cab taxis are now teaming up. 

  • Luring cabbies in: Black cab drivers will now be able to find passengers via Uber’s app and for the first 6 months, Uber won’t take any commission. 

  • Crunching the numbers: There are around 15,000 black cab drivers in London, with 300,000 trips happening in the capital each day, so it’s a serious market for Uber to tap into. 

Stock analyst rating stating strong buy

*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

Amazon up 3% as it wins the battle of the brown boxes 📦

Number 1: Amazon has surpassed UPS and FedEx to become the US’ biggest package delivery firm. 

  • Meeting demand: In 2022, Amazon delivered 4.8 billion (yes, billion) packages in the US. This year, it’s set to deliver an additional 700 million more. 

  • UPS? More like USP: Amazon’s greatest strength is that it doesn’t rely on other delivery services like UPS. It can control its speed and reduce costs using its own network.

Stock analyst rating stating strong buy

*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

iRobot soars 22% amidst Amazon takeover 🤖

Cleaning up: The maker of Roomba vacuums surged 39% after a report said the European Union is set to approve Amazon’s acquisition of the company.

  • Crossed wires: But at the start of this week, the EU’s antitrust watchdog raised issues with the deal relating to ‘competition concerns’. Is Amazon monopolising the market?

  • Still in the green: The news caused shares to fall 17%, but still left the stock in the green by 22%. Takeover or not, the company is attracting serious attention from the top dogs.

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*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

What have we learned this week? 🤓

  • Uber’s got a foot in the door: By giving black cab drivers 6 months of commission-free trips, Uber is strategically incentivising drivers to sign up to its app.

  • Amazon is self sustainable: What separates Amazon from most ecommerce companies is its delivery network. It’s perhaps the most important part of its business.

  • Monopolistic behaviour is a problem for Amazon: Amazon’s strategy to buy out companies is one that’s worked well. But is it going one step too far? Time will tell.

Stock announcements 👀

  • Tesla: Its ‘Cyber Thursday’ event streamed live on X last night, where the first set of Cybertruck deliveries were finally made. Will the long awaited vehicle boost Tesla sales?

  • Berkshire Hathaway: Vice President Charlie Munger sadly passed away on Tuesday. Investors will be keeping an eye on who Warren Buffett picks to be his new right-hand.

  • Gamestop: This quarter, the video game company released its long anticipated film Dumb Money. Investors will be keen to see its helped earnings on December 6th.

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