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Google’s in hot water

This week, Google tells porkies, Macy’s shares surge amid buyout talks, and Pfizer hits a 10-year low.

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Alphabet shares 3% down as Google faces scrutiny 📉

A busy week: From faking demo videos of its latest AI software to losing a court case that could be worth billions, Google has had a tough week.

  • Faking it: Last week, Google impressed the world by showing off Gemini, its latest AI software. The issue? Parts of the demo were faked and investors aren’t happy about it.  

  • An epic loss: Epic Games sued Google in 2020, accusing it of making the Play Store dominant over rivals. Google just lost the verdict, meaning it may need to change the way it collects fees. This could affect revenue by billions.

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*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

Macy’s surge 12% amid buyout talks 🛍️

Christmas come early? Arkhouse Management has reportedly put forth a $5.8 billion bid to buy Macy’s and take it private, leading shares to climb 12% this week. 

  • Undervalued? Arkhouse specialises in real estate, which is what makes this story particularly interesting. The firm believes Macy’s is undervalued. 

  • It’s all about real estate: Arkhouse will be aware Macy’s has been losing market share to giants like Amazon, but it’s not about the commerce market. Arkhouse is eyeing up store locations, such as its flagship NYC store.

Stock analyst rating stating strong buy

*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

Pfizer dips 8% as Covid vaccines decline in demand 💉

A 10-year low: Pfizer shares have hit their lowest point in 10 years after the company forecasted sales in 2024 will be $5 billion below what analysts expect.

  • Declining demand for vaccines: Covid vaccines are one of the company’s largest products, but Pfizer is expecting demand for them to soften. A lot. 

  • Cutting jobs: This has forced Pfizer to launch a program to cut jobs and expenses, which is expected to save $4 billion a year. We’ll likely see job cuts happen in 2024.

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*Ratings are provided by analysts at Zacks, a leading investment research firm

What have we learned this week? 🤓

  • Google’s faking it until it makes it: Ever since ChatGPT was unveiled, Google has been playing catch up. Gemini looked to be a turning point, but it’s been anything but. 

  • Real estate remains a valuable commodity: Despite losing out to online competitors in the world of commerce, Macy’s has one thing they don’t: leading physical locations.  

  • Demand for Covid vaccines is down: Once, you couldn’t switch the news on without hearing ‘Covid’. Now, it’s less prominent, despite cases rising this winter.

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