15 easy side hustle examples to make more money

Whether it's walking dogs in the park, or scooting around in a Toyota Prius for Uber, many of us are after a second source of income to tackle the cost of living crisis and rising inflation rates.

So, here are 15 examples of side hustles that can help you make more money.

1. Content creation

We’ll start with the beefiest one first.  


TikTok is exploding. Next time someone tells you 'it's just a dance app', kindly let them know users have been using it as a search engine, stealing significant market share from Google. If you don't have a TikTok niche then grow your following by answering questions people want answers to. TikTok is easy to use and a great way to start creating video content.


If you know how to edit videos and have a topic to talk about, YouTube could be the one for you. While it is harder to grow organically on YouTube nowadays, many creators are able to go full-time with a smaller amount of subscribers.


Blogs for affiliate marketing, building newsletter contacts, video scripts and SEO – the world will always want a wordsmith.

You could even create your own blog, but similar to YouTube, growth can be slow at the beginning.


In the social media world, engagement will always equal money. If you're able to build an active following, brands will be keen for you to promote their products.

How users interact with Instagram content differs from TikTok and YouTube. With Instagram, it’s mainly your followers who will be responsible for your engagement. If you fancy yourself to grow a strong community as opposed to purely focusing on viral content, this might be your preferred choice. 


If gaming is more your style then consider Twitch. A lot of creators have shifted from YouTube to this streaming platform as they've had a more lucrative return. Viewers watch the content live meaning there is less emphasis on creators to produce perfectly edited videos. 

Community is key in Twitch as you have paying subscribers and donators. If you’re itching to get Twitching, keep your users at the heart of your content. 

We're also giving a quick shout-out to some decentralised social media platforms like Odysee and Twetch. These platforms are very similar to YouTube and Twitter, only they're decentralised meaning your content is protected should YouTube or Twitter ever close down or ban your account. It could be worth taking an extra few minutes out of your day to also post on these platforms, especially if you're a big believer of the Web 3 world.

✏️ Scoop tip – as you get comfortable posting content on the same app, adopt the 'Gary Vee content model'. Instead of posting on just one platform, Gary Vee will break his longer forms of content (such as a 1-hour podcast on YouTube) into many short videos on TikTok. He might then upload the same content in the form of a blog. It's the same content, but captures different users.
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2. Dog walking

A bit of a lighter one here, and to be honest, I'd do this one for free. But we won't tell the dog owners that!

This is a side hustle that comes without the technical knowledge of creating content. Sure, it might not earn as much as other side hustles in the long run, but if you're a dog-lover looking for some extra money at weekends then this could be a smart choice.

Sites like Dog Walkers UK help connect you to people in need of a dog walker.

3. Airbnb

If you are on the elusive property ladder then Airbnb is well worth considering.

Airbnb lets you rent out a spare room or even your entire home. Simply upload pictures of your pad, write a description and set your price. You'll be paid 24 hours after a guest checks in.

Unlike being a landlord, you don't need a 25% deposit to let out one of your rooms with Airbnb.

✏️ Scoop tip – have a little research of hotel prices in your area and strategically undercut their prices.
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4. Etsy

Etsy has been able to position itself away from traditional ecommerce sites. With a lot of focus on handmade goods and crafts, customers flock to the site for some more wholesome, homemade products.

If you get a buzz out of being creative, practical and artistic, then this could be the hustle for you.

Etsy is a unique marketplace as products aren't commonly listed on other giants like Amazon or Ebay. This helps make it a 'seller's market' as each product is different meaning you can set your price.

As long as you know what you want to sell, Etsy handles all the technical bits which they explain on their website.

5. Amazon FBA

Buying and selling, flipping or merchanting - whatever you call it, this is a great way to start because Amazon handles all the logistics. And by logistics I mean 'the knacky stuff'. Amazon will store your product, ship it to the customer using Amazon Prime and even handle customer service requests such as returns. All you have to do is buy a product that is cheaper than what it's being listed for on Amazon. Box it up, fill out a form and send it to Amazon where they sort the rest.

Amazon does take a fee for service, but we live in a convenience based world!

As you become more confident, there are other avenues to explore such as print on demand. There's room for expansion here as you could always look to build your own ecommerce brand and sell directly to the customer, increasing overall profit.

6. Become an Uber driver

Why Uber? Flexibility!

Uber's app is an astounding piece of tech. When you're ready to work simply open the app and accept a job. No boss, no set hours and certainly no need to call in sick.

Here's all you need to know about becoming an Uber driver in your city.

✏️ Scoop tip – have a look when 'surge prices' occur in your city. This is when Ubers are most in demand and the price for one goes up. You can often earn more working these times.
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7. Personal Trainer

If you know your way around a gym, then you my friend, have a very 'monetizable' skill!

You will need a couple of things before gaining some gym goers on your clientele list. These are:

  • A Gym Instructor Qualification (level 2 when working for a gym, level 3 if self-employed)

  • First aid certificate

  • Personal Trainer Insurance

 You can read more about personal training qualifications here.

Approach your local gym and advertise yourself as a personal trainer. It's likely the gym will take a % of your income as your work will involve using their facilities. This can work in your favour though as other gym members will see you delivering sessions whilst they're also working out. What better way to advertise, eh?

As you become more experienced, build more expensive plans. Many PTs offer a food plan where they also help their clients with nutrition. If you're able to gather repeat customers, you could always look to make your own set-up away from the gym, increasing your overall profit.

Being a PT is a popular side hustle, and for many it has become a full-time job. The market is quite saturated so perhaps have a think about how you can separate yourself from the rest (cough, cough – content creation – cough, cough!)

8. Edit videos

You've probably got the idea now that side hustles are often born where there is demand. With there being more YouTubers than ever before, the demand for video editors has become huge.

Typically, YouTubers advertise their positions for a video editor in the description below their videos. They'll be keen to see your previous work so put together a slick portfolio showcasing your best work and send it their way.

9. House sitter

Ronan Atkinson in Man vs Bee

If you opt for this, hopefully you'll do a better job than what Ronan Atkinson did in Netflix’s recent Man vs Bee.

Established entities like housesittersuk put you in contact with people who aren't friends or family so you're not always relying on your auntie and uncle to take a trip away.

10. Ebook/ Online course

This is a great side hustle as you only have to produce the product once, but you can sell it an endless amount of times. Many established entrepreneurs do this as the 80-20 rule applies to it, which is something we talk more about in how to turn your side hustle into your full-time job.

11. Teach a language

Teaching a new language used to involve emigrating to a new country and delivering classes in a local school. But not any more.

Now, you can do it from the comfort of your own bedroom. Platforms like italki connect language lovers to language learners.

12. Web design

Many people are put off creating websites because of one word – code. Now though, there are plenty of 'codeless' content management systems (CMS) such as Wix, Squarespace and GoDaddy.

These CMS tools also have hundreds of templates you can pick from meaning a lot of the hard work is already done for you. As long as you have a basic understanding of how computers work, you'll be right at home with this hustle.

13. Sell your photography

Got an eye for detail? Websites like Shutterstock are always in the market for some crisp images. They sell usage of these images to sites like Wix who offer them as stock photos for people creating websites. 

You're in safe hands with this one – as long as the internet exists, there will always be a need for images.

14. Rent your car parking space

Similar to AirBnb, only you're renting a car parking space, not a room. People will pay good money to park nearby to somewhere they need to be. It's often cheaper and more convenient than getting the train.

Use YourParkingSpace's earnings calculator to get an idea of how much you could be earning per year.

15. And finally, invest!

Investing is a great way to earn passive income. Read our piece on passive income on some ways you can get started.

With that said… join Shares to get started!

And there we have it, 15 side hustles to make more money. For more on side hustles, read three ways to turn your side hustle into a full-time job and the secrets to starting a side hustle.

As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

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