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New stock drop: 32 growth stocks you must see

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Yep, we’re back with another stock drop. Last time, it was renewable energy companies. This time, 32 growth stocks have been added to the app.

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What is a growth stock?

Before we take a deep dive into some of these stocks, you might be wondering what actually is a growth stock?

Well, a growth stock is a public company that is expected to grow at an above average rate. The key part is the word ‘expected’, as there are no guarantees. Typically, growth stocks don’t pay dividends as they allocate every penny into growing and improving their company. Sorry dividend lovers, I feel your pain. Those who invest in growth stocks aim to profit through capital gains, which essentially means buy low and sell high. Simple!

Alright, so;

  • You have the Shares app downloaded ✅ When investing, your capital is at risk.

  • You know what a growth stock is ✅

  • But have you started your research into some specific stocks? 🔄

Well fear not, here’s five to get you started.

Remember, when investing, your capital is at risk.

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond logo

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ℹ️ Bio

Bed Bath & Beyond is a home goods retailer, specialising in bedding, bathrooms and home décor. Not excited yet? Wait until you hear its story.

At the start of August 2022, the stock price was around $5. Two weeks later? A whopping $28.60 per share. But how did this happen and why oh why did I not buy shares before August?

Ryan Cohen, Chairman of perhaps the most famous meme stock in town, GameStop, associated himself with the Bed Bath & Beyond. He became the second-largest investor in the company, which resonated with his large following of retail investors. After a strong buzz on social media, lots of people bought in which drove the price to new heights.

It’s all thanks to the GameStop saga, which brought about a strong retail investor community. This community finds strength in numbers, collectively driving the price of a stock up by all buying in at the same time. Of course, memes are shared along the way.

2. Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch logo

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Ah yes, remember the sea of Abercrombie & Fitch clothing you’d see on non-school uniform days? I certainly do. But what happened to them? A combination of the 2008 recession and discriminatory practices brought about this company’s downfall.

With a rapid rise to success, followed by a dramatic downfall, Abercrombie & Fitch are now on the bounce back. Today, they’re valued at almost $0.80 billion. The business has done away with topless models outside their stores and have rebranded as an inclusive, pro-diversity retailer.

Although there’s heavy competition in retail, it’s managed to cement a place between the expensive and luxury like Ralph Lauren, and cheap fast fashion like H&M.

3. Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll logo

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ℹ️ Bio

Jet-setters around America will know all about Tootsie Roll. Their main product is a chocolate-flavoured taffy, with caramel flavour. Yes, it’s as tasty as it sounds.

Whilst the Tootsie Roll is their most recognisable brand, it owns over 30 other sweet brands that span all across retailers in America.

In 2019, they were ranked as the 14th biggest candy company in North America. It might not hold a gold, silver or bronze position, but it certainly has room to grow in an ever-expanding industry which is enough to satisfy any investor’s sweet tooth.

4. iRobot

iRobot logo

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ℹ️ Bio

I challenge you to find a company cooler than iRobot. It literally builds robots, sells them and also sends them to space, what more do you want?

iRobot’s main focus is robots for the home. You know that robot you’ve seen that does the hoovering itself? Well that’s what iRobot is all about. It builds smart devices to do jobs that us lazy humans can’t be bothered doing. Hoovering, mopping and cleansing — soon we’ll all be saying “Alexa, have the robot clean my kitchen floor”.

The company has built robots used by NASA in space exploration, the U.S. forces in times of conflict and for hospitals across America. Is there anywhere iRobot hasn’t built a robot for?

5. Shake Shack

Shake Shack logo

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ℹ️ Bio

It doesn’t get more American dreamy than Shake Shack. What started as a hot dog stand in New York City, became a household name dishing up fast food with over 370 restaurants internationally. In 2015, Shake Shack went public at $21 a share. After the first day of trading, it closed 124% up at $47 a share.

Typical success stories within growth stocks tend to be technology-orientated. Whilst Shake Shack have kept up with the times with an app, self-service kiosks and a fancy website, if what you’re after is a traditional business model that will always have demand, then it might be the stock to whet your appetite.

So, have any of these five stocks caught your eye? If not, the full list is below!

Full list (A-Z)

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch

  2. Allegiant Travel

  3. Allscripts Health

  4. Arcus Biosciences

  5. Bed Bath & Beyond

  6. Cavco Homes

  7. Central Garden

  8. Central Garden & Pet

  9. Century Aluminum

  10. Compass Minerals

  11. Emergent

  12. Frontdoor

  13. Gentherm

  14. GMS

  15. Hilltop Holdings

  16. iRobot

  17. KAR

  18. Kontoor Brands

  19. Liveramp

  20. NeoGenomics

  21. Office Depot

  22. Piper Jaffray

  23. PriceSmart

  24. RPC

  25. Seacoast Banking

  26. Shake Shack

  27. Six Flags

  28. TechTarget

  29. Tootsie Roll

  30. TRI Pointe

  31. Trinity

  32. Triumph Bancorp

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