Top 10 crypto terms to know about. GM, DYOR, HODL etc

Top 10 crypto terms to know with examples

If I was to say, 'I’m gonna HODL all my Doge because I have diamond hands', would you know what I meant? Well if that made no sense at all, then you’re in the right place. Welcome to the wild west of crypto terms.

1. GM – good morning

Let's start with the pleasantries, because we're a polite and friendly bunch here in the crypto space.

GM stands for good morning. When someone wakes up, they might tweet GM to their followers. Nothing more to it.

Example – “GM everyone, today's gonna be a good day”.
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2. GN – good night

No prizes for guessing that one correctly. GN is said before clocking off for the evening. There's a running joke in the crypto community that you say GM a few hours after saying GN, as lots of people don't sleep much and are up into the late hours researching crypto.

Example – “That's me done for the day, see you in a few hours. GN.”
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3. HODL - hold on for dear life

One of my very favourites. HODL stands for hold on for dear life, not to be confused with the misspelling of hold. 

On in 2013, a user called 'GameKyuubi' posted a thread titled 'I AM HODLING'. Despite typing the title out twice before posting, he still managed to spell 'hold' wrong. The thread went viral and it became a meme with many people deeming themselves as 'hodlers'.

GameKyuubi had drunk whisky that night, and blames the misspelling on that. Thank goodness for the booze, because HODL is definitely one of crypto's most used terms. 

Example – what better example than the first time it was used. Check out the original post where HODL was born.
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4. Doge

You've definitely heard of Bitcoin, and you've probably heard of Ethereum. But what on earth is Doge? Doge is the nickname for the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, which was set up as a joke to prove that anyone can create a crypto.

Elon Musk meme as the Doge father, imitating the Lion King

During the famous rally of GameStop, Elon Musk tweeted his support for Dogecoin which drove the awareness (and price) of the coin to new heights of $0.73, bringing its market cap to a staggering $70 billion. That's a lot for a coin that started as a joke.

Where will Dogecoin end up? Who knows. Some think it'll fade from existence, whilst others are hedging their bets it'll be the currency of Mars thanks to Musk's ongoing support.

Example – “hey, I'm thinking of buying some more Doge today. What do you think?”
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5. Diamond hands/ Paper hands

To have diamond hands is to HODL. Your hands are so tough that there's no way you're dropping your investment. On the other hand (hand pun intended), paper hands means you're likely to fold on your investment.

Example – “there's no way I'm selling my Doge, I'm not like Peter with his paper hands. I've got diamond hands baby”.
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6. Whale

Oh to be a whale. If you're a whale in crypto, then you've made it. Whales are people who own such a large amount of crypto that they can affect the markets by buying and selling. Us minions often follow in the footsteps of whales when trying to assess the markets.

Example – “the price of Bitcoin fell 20% yesterday, I think the Whales have been at it again”.
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7. NFA – not financial advice

An important one when listening or reading any type of research.

Resources are good, but whether you see this disclaimer or not, just be reminded that the nothing you see is financial advice unless given to you specifically by a regulated financial advisor.

Not only when you see this – remember nothing you see is financial advice unless given to you specifically by a regulated financial advisor.

Example – this article is NFA. Make sure to DYOR (ah, that takes us nicely onto the next one)
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8. DYOR - do your own research

It is what it says on the tin. Always do your own research when making investment decisions.

Example – “I'm a big fan of Ethereum, but you should DYOR before thinking about investing”.
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9. FUD – fear, uncertainty and doubt

Ahhh the fud spreader. The HODLer’s nemesis. This is someone who is spreading negative predictions and thoughts. They are invoking fear, uncertainty and doubt into the market and when this is done collectively, it can drive the overall market price down.

Example – “Have you heard how negative Karen is recently? She's being such a FUD spreader on Bitcoin”.
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10. WAGMI - We are all gonna make it

Another personal favourite of mine. 

Say what you like about crypto, you can't deny the togetherness of the community and few acronyms symbolise this like WAGMI.

It’s often used when someone has just made a purchase, and they want to notify their followers that they're feeling good about it.

Example – “my Cardano is up x5, WAGMI!”
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That’s all for crypto terms today, but you can always read more about what the blockchain is and whether all cryptos use the same blockchain.

Make sure to let us know if you'd like to hear more crypto terms!

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