Truman Du, Genuine Impact and Shares

Ambassador Spotlight: Truman Du, Genuine Impact

If you didn’t know already, Shares ambassadors post regular updates inside our app communities. But who are they and what’s their story? Well, today we’re meeting Truman!

🤝 A bit about you

I graduated from university in 2012 and since then I’ve been working in the asset management industry. I love understanding how these things work and have a particular interest in technology, consumer and finance related topics. 

👨‍💻 What made you start Genuine Impact?

I like to think everyone should have the same level of access to high quality financial information, knowledge, data and intelligence about investing. So I started Genuine Impact to bring the best possible investment research tools to the masses. 

🥅 At Shares, we love talking about goals. What are some of your goals with both investing and Genuine Impact?

My personal goal with investing is to generate more wealth for my financial future. 

I don’t particularly focus on short term trading or gambling around stocks with an aim to make a quick return. I like to have a good understanding of what I invest in and hold onto them with confidence and conviction. 

My goal for Genuine Impact is a grander version of the above. Instead of achieving this goal myself, I like to help others achieve their goals through long term investing as well. 

🔍 The Genuine Impact app is all about helping people research stocks easily. But what are some of the first things you look for when deciding whether to buy a stock?

I like to think about buying a stock similar to the process of buying a house, clothes or a new phone. You have to be able to break down why you’re buying the item, and what the pros and cons are, to help reach a final decision. 

For instance, when you think about buying a house, you will have a checklist such as location, size, price, amenity, neighbourhood, school, interior condition, and previous owners etc. 

It’s the same process when buying a stock: you’ll have a checklist including things such as its growth, profitability, valuation, momentum, dividend yield and ESG rating. You pick what you like about the stock, and weigh this up against the negatives. You end up with a balanced list of pros and cons. 

📊 Which assets do you find the most interesting to invest in and why?

I always like to invest in stocks - there are so many types of stocks to look at!

Understanding how they work is a great intellectual satisfaction. Also over time, stocks tend to have the best returns, as they like to grow with GDP, and some companies grow faster and become winners over the long term, over others. 

Of course, when investing in stocks, remember that your capital is at risk as the value of stocks can fall as well as rise. 

🆕 What tips do you have for a beginner investor?

Start with a passive ETF, understand how it works, build up repeatable habits, and invest regularly. Once you have more confidence, dabble into individual stocks. 

🏃‍♀️ Outside of investing and personal finance, what do you like to do?

I’ve become fond of yoga and pilates in recent years and I mix them with bootcamp training. 

I also follow classical music, musicals, plays, and ballets which is something influenced by my wife. What’s common about these? They are a great way to stay away from my day job and help me relax and rebalance! 

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As with all investing, your capital is at risk.

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